TERA - Lancer

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TERA - Lancer

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 10/1/2012, 15:56

"Stoic guardians that show no fear in the face of their enemies."

If your style is roaring defiance at your foes, then standing fast and dispensing damage while shielding nearby party members from harm, you may just be a lancer at heart.

As powerful in defense as in attack, the lancer’s role in a fight is at the head of the formation. His heavy shield absorbs damage, while his lance provides striking power that’s targeted yet effective against multiple foes. Numerous skills for drawing aggro means the lancer takes more heat, and other party members get more opportunities. A lancer in the party affords other comrades the chance to strike while taking minimal damage.

Arms and Armor:
The lancer's formidable weapon set includes a powerful lance and a shield that doubles as a weapon. This combination makes lancers a two-handed attack force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Lancers fight in heavy armor, and with the addition of their outstanding shield defense, take less damage in a fight than either warriors or slayers.

There is no particular finesse to the lancer's assault, but there is muscle enough to batter foes to the ground and might enough to create a defense zone for comrades in battle. Shield blocks reduce damage for the lancer and nearby comrades, creating a savings in support resources like healing.

The addition of a lancer to any party means sheer battering power and enhanced defense, as well as a fighter who can dish out damage and take it, too.

Facts at a Glance
Party Role Tank
Weapon Lance, shield
Armor type Heavy
Basic Skils Lance thrusts, shield parries, shield bashes, aggro shouts

Lancer Class Official Q&A +
Q: Will lancers be able to level up solo?

A: You bet! All eight of TERA's classes can hold their own, and in the hands of a skilled player the lancer is amazingly versatile.

Q: Do lancers have an advantage in tanking and damage compared to a warrior?

A: Lancers wear heavier armor and are hardier than warriors: they can take more hits. With regard to damage, the lancer hits slower but harder while the warrior has higher damage per second.

Q: Will lancers be able to side-step while attacking?

A: Lancers are not able to strafe; their attack depends on forward motion.

Q: Does the lancer's Leash skill interrupt a target's attacks in PvP?

A: This depends on the skill being used by the target.

Q: Does a lancer need to face a target for the Stand Fast damage mitigation to apply?

A: Yes. The ability provides frontal damage mitigation only.

Q: How does attacking or being attacked from behind change the amount of damage?

A: Certain abilities deal more damage based on status of the target, but as a rule, "looking the other way" isn't one of them. You should select your weapons and crystals for maximum benefit, and pay attention to what's going on with your foes.

Q: If you could get four lancers around a priest in PvP, all with Stand Fast active, would you effectively have a sort of invincible health node for other party members as long as the priest's mana held out?

A: That's an interesting case. First, I'd wonder why you'd want to do this at all: those lancers aren't attacking, and that's five players sitting around doing nothing. Assuming you're talking about a deathmatch or battleground, your other party members are working twice as hard, since those lancers aren't taking any aggro. It's also important to remember that Stand Fast blocks damage, not attacks. It does nothing to stop a warrior or slayer from moving right past, a mystic's teleport, thrown bombs, and so on. And an opposing lancer could pull you out of position at any time.

Q: Can the lancer's Lance Charge skill be interrupted?

A: Yes, but the bigger issue is that the target can move out of the way!

Q: Can a lancer block a knockdown? What kind of attacks cannot be blocked?

A: Lancers can prevent being knocked down with Stand Fast but area-of-effect skills can hit the lancer from the sides.

Q: What is the range of the lancer's basic attack?

A: 5 meters.

Q: Can lancers tank multiple mobs?

A: While lancers aim themselves at a single target, their attacks can also damage foes near their target, and they can draw aggro from multiple monsters.

Q: Are lances and shields separate items? Will lancers get other weapons to use?

A: Lances and shields are a single item like a warrior's dual swords. Presently, there are no "alternate" versions of a class' weapon type.

Q: If one lancer charges at a sorcerer at 15 meters per second and another lancer charges at the same sorcerer three seconds later at 19 meters per second from the opposite direction, at what time does the sorcerer QQ for more buffs?

A: About the same time the train from Miami passes the train from Seattle in Boston. There will be a quiz about this on Monday.


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