TERA - Warrior

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TERA - Warrior

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"Dynamic and fluid fighters who wield their blades in harmony."

If you like the pride that comes from dealing damage with impressive, deadly feats of swordplay while weaving in and out of your enemies' attacks, then the warrior may be right for you.

It's the warrior's way to dive into the middle of the fray and mow down the opposition. Invulnerability while using the Evasive Roll skill means the warrior can do enough damage to hold aggro, and still dodge and roll out of harm's way. Coming up from behind an opponent after a roll enables the warrior to strike from behind, before his opponent can turn and counterattack.

The warrior's deft moves and quick dodges make it easy to hold aggro while avoiding damage. Quick to make decisions and quicker to draw swords, the warrior will not fall back on the battlefield. If you've misplaced your warrior, always look ahead-never behind.

Arms and Armor:
A warrior's twin swords deal death with both hands. A perfect combination with the trademark warrior speed and grace, they slice, stab, and stun enemies into submission from all sides.

Warriors fight in light armor, which makes a good combination with their lightning-fast weapons. Light armor enables them to move quickly in and out of view of their enemies while unleashing a wealth of damage in a short time.

Facts at a Glance
Party Role Tank
Weapon Twin swords
Armor Type Light
Basic Skills Slash, stab, dodge, dance with swords

Warrior Class Official Q&A

Q: Do warrior swords come in pairs?
Q: Do different warrior swords have different purposes such as threat generation or damage mitigation? Are swords uniform in length?
Q: Can the warrior equip weapons other than swords?

A: Warriors fight with twin swords, not two swords. It is a millennia–old combat style, and the federation's weaponsmiths have created carefully matched swords meant to be used together. There's no need to research the properties of an individual sword, since you'll never find just one. If using one sword is the kind of play you enjoy, give the slayer a try!


Q: Are warriors a tanking or DPS class?
Q: How do the warrior's tanking abilities compare to those of a lancer?
Q: Will some monsters be easier to fight with evasion tanking versus lancer tanking?
Q: Are warriors and lancers interchangeable in the tank role of a party?
Q: Given their evasion tanking nature, are warriors hearty enough to take a few hits?
Q: Given the nature of evasion tanking, will holding a target's threat be a problem?

A: That's a big chunk of really good questions. I can tell you all really care about the warrior and its role in TERA's fast-paced action combat, so here's what we can tell you now.

The warrior, like the lancer, has a vital role in TERA's gameplay. With quick, devastating attacks, warriors command the attention of all foes regardless of size. Where lancers create a point of control around which the battle revolves, warriors define the battlefield as they move. Both can stand up to powerful foes, and the warrior's lighter armor and motion-based skills avoid the damage the lancer blocks with his shield, while at the same time allowing the warrior to survive the few hits that land.


Q: In a party, will healing warriors be difficult due to their high mobility?

A: Like any of TERA's classes, a warrior needs to keep in mind the range and radius of incoming heals. We won't sugar coat it-a healer's role is just as challenging as a front-line fighter's or a ranged combatant. All require the skill and timing from the player as much as the skills on the bar.

Q: How does the warrior avoid being quickly disposed of after being knocked down?

A: By standing up.


Q: Will the warrior's evasion skills have cooldowns or can warriors just evade non-stop?
Q: Will warriors be able to interrupt or cancel skills while they're being cast?

A: All skills have cooldown times, regardless of class. Some can be interrupted by incoming damage, and over time the MP cost of a skill determines when and how it is best used.

Q: How does the "shadow clone" warrior skill work?

A: As mentioned previously, the warrior takes up a large part of the battlefield with sweeping attacks and quick movement. But he doesn't have to do it alone, and by sacrificing some HP, he can animate his shadow to fight alongside him for a while.


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