TERA - Characters

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TERA - Characters

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 10/1/2012, 17:34

"Freedom and honor are not given - they must be earned."

They were once the slaves of the Giants, but never again will they bow down to another race. The Amani value freedom and sacrifice. As a reminder of their militant past, their hardened bodies are still full of power. Due to their long subjugation, no other race is as intent on unity and solidarity as the Amani.

"Clever, feisty, and ready to take destiny into their own hands."

Suffering prejudice and oppression since the demise of their demon god, the Castanics have become independent and self-sufficient, resourceful and hardy. Known for their dark humor and sense of irony, Castanics are inclined to depend upon their innate individual strengths, yet make valuable allies.

High Elf
"Proud and powerful keepers of tradition"

A thousand years ago, the Elves denounced the gods and burned old alliances. Sometimes described as arrogant and aloof, they prove their commitment to cooperation between the races by facing all opponents with wisdom and the knowledge gained through three thousand years of war.

"Nature is eternal. The Poporis are nature."

The Popori race encompasses all the fierce animal guardians and divine magical spirits living in the Kingdom of Poporia. Protectors of nature, they sense change and danger like no other race in the world of TERA. Their unusual behavior and diminutive stature cause many to underestimate their fearless determination in battle.

"Wisdom illuminates the past, reflects the present, and inspires the future."

As a peaceful and noble race, the Baraka yearn to quench their thirst for knowledge. They are not easily provoked, but they show no mercy when it comes to defending the weak. The Baraka are descendants of the Giants, but they loathe the desire for conquest that their ancestors possessed. Their imposing appearance masks the true strength of their spirit, which is just as impressive as their physical might.

"Nature always finds a way. She is invincible!"

The fairy-like Elins may have a cute and naïve countenance, but in reality they are old and wise. These nature spirits protect the creations of the world with their heart and soul. Anyone who causes harm to nature will in the blink of an eye be faced with the unbridled rage and animalistic energy of the Elins - and fear for their life. Their protective instincts make them a serious threat toward the Argons because their innate resolve to defend nature is stronger than any "pesky" ethical or moral motivations.

"Alone we can achieve hope - together we can achieve victory."

After millennia of wandering, the Humans brought together the various races of TERA. Humans draw upon their valor, stamina and indomitable spirit to stabilize a war-torn world. They envision a new TERA, one where harmony and solidarity will bring unprecedented peace and prosperity.


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