TERA - User Interface

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TERA - User Interface

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 10/1/2012, 18:52

Tera introduces two UIs for the non-targeting combat system. The first UI is the Movement UI, the second is the Management UI. To toggle between the UIs use the "Alt"-key or the "Esc"-key.

Movement UI

1. Status Bar: Displays your hit points and mana points .Above that bar are buffs; the swords signifying whether the player is in combat or not and the heart signifying the character’s “condition”. (Condition is another topic all together!)
2. Action Bar: If you view the picture full-sized, you will see that the top row contains mouse keybinds. Your initial attack is mapped to left-click and your dodge/block/heal is spacebar. You can move your skills to any of the squares, but you cannot remap the square’s bind itself at this time.
3. Quest Log: As in most MMOs, in TERA, quests line up along the right side of your screen as you receive them.
4. Map: A tiny transparent map. This can be closed or moved in the next “mode” I will discuss

Management UI

As you can see, you are also able to move a few UI components in this mode, such as the quest box, transparent minimap, and chat box.

1. Menu: It displays the keybinds (currently not re-bindable) for things like your inventory and character pane.
2. Daily Life: The daily life includes friends list and trade options.
3. System Config: The system config menu contains logout options and gameplay options.
4. Area's Completed Quests Status: A pane that depicts how much of an area's quests you've completed.


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