TERA - Enchanting Weapons & Armor

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TERA - Enchanting Weapons & Armor

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 10/1/2012, 23:16

Another new feature, the enchanting ability, allows you to improve an item in the field, combining your favorite gear and other materials into something even better. The ingredients used to enchant the item don't have to be of the same rarity, and you can even use an equivalent item from another class entirely!

The new item will have increased basic Stats (attack, Defense, and so on), and at certain levels (+3/6/9), the process activates additional abilities. Items that can be enchanted in this way have an expanded panel (see image), with the potential powers (gray) listed. Once an item has been reinforced to the appropriate level, the power is ready to go. There may even be a visible effect from the process, further distinguishing your gear from the off-the-rack pack.

From old to new, and everything in between.

In TERA, there is not only a diverse Range of Items to collect, but also a great Range of options to customize, letting each player decide on their own style. Feedback to developers showed that players found that the rate of high-level drops was just not balanced or frequent enough. Many players commented that new gear wasn´t readily available to help them deal with tougher opponents, and even these tougher opponents did not drop loot that corresponded to their level.

Same character Classes wearing the same clothes and gear, despite significant level differences, is not something that creates the personal experience that MMO players desire. Luckily the developers listened and now you will get to experience a whole Range of item changes. These include ten times as many weapon and armour Items, different rewards for Quests, changes to Crafting structure and even how “unique” Items are being implemented into the game.

Dress to impress

There are also Items named after bosses and some rare Monsters of TERA. How you get these rarer Items varies. Simple item drops or purchasing them with reward tokens earned from combat are just some examples. PVP related Items are also another feature, along with improved Crafting methods - increasing the chances of constructing something truly amazing from all those materials you´ve gathered.

How can I get my hands on one of those?

The word “junk item” has no meaning in the world of TERA. Every item has a use, whether that be for Crafting, equipment enhancement or for butchering foes more easily. Every item has an associated colour, distinguishing their rarity. Common Items (white) are the most widely seen. Then we have uncommon Items (green), rare Items (blue) and lastly, legendary Items (orange).

With this color-coded system, your character's appearance quickly becomes personal and unique, simply from the gear that they wear. The system means a lot more than showing people how rare your equipment is. As things go, the rarer your equipment, the more beneficial enhancements you receive from it. These beneficial enhancements can be thought of similar to crystal enhancement, except that these never break and are a “part” of the equipment, rather than added.

Mix and Match

Ever come across two Items that you wish you could wear at the same time? TERA makes that wish come true. With the enchantment feature, you can combine gear and other materials into something that you truly want. You are not limited by rarity, or even class specific gear. If you want that extra knockdown from the Berserker axe you have in your bag but are an Archer, you can have it. With TERA, your imagination is the only limit.

As well as an increase in your usual Stats, you will see stacked bonuses the more often you enchant your equipment. You will see that active enchantments are written in green, whereas the grey ones are those that activate once you hit the appropriate enchantment level.


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