TERA - Party Matchmaking System

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TERA - Party Matchmaking System

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 11/1/2012, 12:52

Matchmaked instance run with the Party Matchmaking System.
Matchmaking system is accessible from the system menu and also there is an icon on the minimap:

When you click on the icon, a complete matchmaking UI will have opened:

Parts of the UI:
• On the header you can see your role in the party. (tank, dps, healer). Roles are predefined, you cannot change it. Tank: Lancer (only), Healer: Mytic + Priest, rest: DPS.
• Depend on your level, you can select every available instance.
• You can choice from the instances with some limitation: your minimum gear score and your instance cooldowns)
• If there are any mandatory consumable for the instance (such as: fearless potion for Labyrinth of Horror, or Suspicious Box for Black Tower), then it also visible beside instance name)

You can apply in alone, but if you have an incomplete party and you are the leader, then you also can use the matchmaking system. When the party is ready, (after a confirmation windows) you automatically teleported into the instance). You can chat on party channel with the team members (don't forget, it is a multi server matchmaking system!), but other interaction are limited (like the trading, etc.).

If you left the party before end of instance or group disband, you'll get a penalty debuff:

Debuff: you cannot use the party matchmaking system for 15 minutes.
You do not get this debuff in the following cases:

• If you left the party before you enter the instance
• If the party leader kick you out.

• Depend on your role in the party, you'll get some extra buffs in the instance:
• tank: +2% ASPD, +3% DEF, +10% resist, +5% enmity boost
• dps: +2% ASPD, +3% DEF, +3% Attack Power
• healer: +2% ASPD, +3% DEF, +3% skill power
• Random reward box (with consumables) for instance completion.


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