TERA - Political System

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TERA - Political System

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 11/1/2012, 15:30

The competition is off to a roaring start on the lands of Arborea.
Quite soon, anyone will be able to elect their lord in each and every region.
We hope every player will feel involved in the political system. And to achieve such feat, one need to use communication at its fullest.

From now on, let's talk about the political system.

What is the political system like?

Once chosen, the lords from each region will be in the middle of the political system.
The election of a lord is done through vote or by the means of success in the battlefields.
The political system follows three distinctive stages: the competition, the ballot and the reign. Each stage will be displayed under the UI's radar.

How the lords are elected?

When the vote period starts, each player will receive an in-game notification inviting to vote for the election of a lord.

To be eligible as a lord, candidates have to fulfill a couple of requirements. It is essential to be part of an active guild and to comply with the following criteria:
• Guild level should 3 or higher
• The candidate must be level 50 or higher
• The candidate must possess 100 gold medals and 3 million gold coins
• Only one candidate per guild

The registration period for the candidates lasts 24 hours. The voters will be able to cast their vote either at Velika or either at Allemantheia. An NPC dedicated to the task will be available to receive your votes.

Every candidate must register to the previously mentioned NPC. Once the process is completed, the candidate will appear in the ballot window.

How to choose your candidate?

Once the registration period has ended, the registered candidates are listed in the region of their choice. The ballot will last during the 6 coming days.

Region - Means of election
On Arun
Ostgarath - Battlefield
Velika wilds - Vote
Val Aureum - Vote
Arcadia - Vote
Poporia - Vote
On Shara
Essenia - Battlefield
Westonia - Vote
Frontera - Vote

Means of election are subject to change in the future.

Everyone can cast their vote restricted to the fact you can vote once per continent.

The players whom have voted for the newly elected lord will be awarded thank-you gifts for their support. All gifts will be distributed by mail, and it could be an HP potion.

To put forward a candidate, guilds need to stack on a certain amount of points in the battlefields, which will fire up the competition. The points needed to present a candidate can be gained by any member of the guild through victories in the battlefields.

The more points you gain, the higher your rank will be.

At this particular moment in time, your only focus should be to earn the more points you can to be able to present a candidate to the election.

What a lord can do

When the 6 days have passed, the lord will enter his 3-weeks long reign.

The lord will exercise its power over the land by talking to NPCs. Policies can be applied in selected regions by consuming political points.

Policy options - Points consumed per day
Switch of PK status of an area - 200
PvP item merchants (??) - 1500
Skills instructors location - 500
Stamina recovery NPC location - 500
Tax income from auction house - 500

By default, the lord earns a thousand points per day. The members pertaining to the lord's guild can increase this number by completing specific guild quests. These are displayed in the guild window.

Consequently, the more active the guild is, the more points will be earned for the sake of the regency!


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