TERA - Combo Skills

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TERA - Combo Skills

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 12/1/2012, 14:39

This testing client will feature many more skills than the CBT3 client did. To help you use new skills easily, the developers have added the combo system.

Combo skills will be on the right side of the center of the screen.
As seen above, combo skills will appear if you do something to begin a combo chain and you can press the Space Bar to execute the combo skill. There are two situations in which combo skills become available for use.

Example 1) Using specific skills to activate combo skills.
A Warrior’s tornado skill is only usable after a dodge. A Slayer’s bisection slash is only usable after the skill smash.

Example 2) Combo skills activated in reaction to a situation.
When the player is knocked back, the skill soaring attack will become active. Recently we have made it so that when soaring attack becomes active, all you have to do is press space bar to recover and get back up.

As you can see, many useful skills will be activated situationally, but the most important thing is your style and how you want to play the game. Hopefully you can all come to personalize the combo system!


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