TERA - FAQ - Info about TERA

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TERA - FAQ - Info about TERA

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 12/1/2012, 21:24

When will TERA be released?

TERA will arrive in Europe and North America in Spring 2012.

Which languages will TERA be available in?

TERA will be available first of all in English, German and French.

What is the age rating for TERA? Can the blood and gore be deactivated?

The final age rating for TERA has not yet been decided since the game is not set for release until spring 2012. The last playable version received a classification of 12 years and above.

The current version allows you to deactivate the blood using an option in the client.

Will TERA be free-to-play with an item shop? Or will a box version be available to buy in the shops along with a monthly subscription?

TERA will be available in the shops as a box version and use of the game will require a monthly subscription. Details on final costs and payment options will be announced nearer to the time.

We also plan to offer the option to buy TERA as a digital download.

Will TERA be suitable for Mac and Linux systems?

TERA is currently in development only for Windows operating systems.

How will the game be controlled?

For the most part, the game is controlled with the mouse and keyboard but using a gamepad is also possible.

Who is behind the development of TERA?

TERA has been developed by Bluehole Studio, a new company that has been working on TERA for a number of years with a team of experienced developers from the game industry.

The Korean version from Bluehole is to be localised for the western market by En Masse (Publisher for North America) and with support from Frogster (European Publisher).


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