TERA - The Campfire System

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TERA - The Campfire System

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 20/1/2012, 18:20

Campfires in TERA are used when you need to get back stamina you have used in battling. There are two types of campfires found in the TERA world: Permanent and Portable.

You can find permanent campfires in certain places, normally at a small garrison of NPCs that have made camp in the local area. These campfires are particularly useful during your travels, as monsters will be scattered in the area that you have to go through to get to your destination. Campfires prove to be useful pit stops for replenishing health and stamina.

Portable campfires on the other hand are exactly what the name implies. They work in the same way as their permanent counterparts, except these can be carried with the player, letting them lay down recovery opportunities wherever they are. If you’re halfway down a dungeon and see no garrison in sight, this is where the campfire comes inhandy.Portable campfires will eventually burn out after several minutes, meaning their stamina boosting capabilities are lost and eventually a campfire will disappear all together. However, should you want to maintain the campfire for longer , it can be re-lit using “firewood”, extending the time it burns.


Stamina is a type of buff system that affects your maximum health and mana as well as other attributes. Through battling monsters and doing certain actions, your stamina slowly depletes. It’s important to keep your stamina as high as you can, as the higher your stamina, the better buffs you receive. Once above “normal stamina” you receive a bonus to max health and mana. The better the stamina you have, the better the bonus.However, this also works in the opposite way, if you go below your normal level of stamina, you receive a penalty to max health and mana, as well as attack damage. One vital factor when it comes to stamina is that should you die, your stamina is completely reduced to 0% upon your resurrection. Make sure you have a fresh supply of campfires with you at all times!


Campfires can be used for more than just health and mana buffs. By using certain charms at campfires, players can throw in their desired charm, burning it and receiving the benefits. For example, the onslaught charm increases your attack power, whereas the Ethereal charm and Sanguine Charm gradually restore MP and HP respectively.


What is great about the campfire and charm system is that it is not just limited to you; anyone can share the benefits of a campfire and charm. Fellow party members or even random players get the benefits of a campfire you have laid down, and of course you benefit from someone else’s campfire. This also works with charms as well! If you’re at the campfire at the time the player uses the charm, you also get the benefits!Campfires, like their real world counter parts, become social tools, so players can come together and interact with each other outside of combat. Campfires become “group up” points for players to meet in front of quest givers or job boards, so they can conquer an instance or dungeon together. Portable campfires are especially useful before a dungeon boss or special monster, so that your team can prepare for the upcoming battle.


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