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Information on Pre-Ordering:

You can now buy either a digital or retail pre-order version of TERA. If you pre-order TERA, you’ll receive special items such as a ring and earring, as well as a special mount. The type of mount depends on the retailer and version you choose.

All pre-order versions include the following:

• A head start on other players – Access the game five days ahead of the actual launch on the 3rd of May 2012
• CBT & OBT access – Access to all closed & open beta tests of TERA in Europe
• Name reservation –You’ll be able to create a character and secure your favourite character name before things kick off.

Pre-order now in the TERA shop!

Overview of the Digital & Retail Versions of TERA

Aside from the basic pre-order package, you can of course also buy the full standard edition or the full collector’s edition, either as a retail or digital version.

In case you’re wondering, the standard and collector’s editions include 30 days of gameplay, the client, and a quick-start manual.

Let’s now talk about the Collector’s Edition (CE). It includes:

• 1 invitation for a friend (only retail CE & SE)
• In-Game Items:
• Unique Regal Frostlion mount
• 2 special necklaces
•Additional Extras:
• Art book
• Soundtrack
• Map of TERA
• T-shirt (only retail CE)
• 20 trading cards (only retail CE)
• Wallpaper (only digital CE)

In the digital collector’s edition, please be aware that some of the above listed items are only included digitally, like the soundtrack, map and art book for example. Some items can only be found in the retail collector’s edition, like the T-shirt and the friend invite, as well as the trading cards. The wallpapers on the other hand are exclusive to the digital collector’s edition. The digital collector’s edition is available for €59.95, and the retail version will be sold for a recommended retail price of €69.95.

We also prepared an image of the retail Collector's edition for you:

In case you’re already a big fan of TERA, you have the option to buy the full game including the pre-order package ahead of the release date. By doing so, you’ll directly pay the full price and therefore receive an additional bonus. By choosing this version in Frogster’s TERA shop, you’ll get a full week of additional gameplay, which results in 37 days of gameplay in total.

We’ll also offer the option to upgrade from the standard to the collector’s edition in the TERA shop.

For further details, please take a look at our TERA shop.

Subscription Costs

In closing, we would also like to briefly announce our subscription rates for TERA:

1 month – €12.99
3 months – €35.97 (3 x €11.99)
6 months – €65.94 (6 x 10.99)
12 months – €119.88 (12 x €9.99)
That means that if you choose to subscribe for a longer period of time, the monthly costs will be lower.

We’ll also reveal more exciting information regarding the subscriptions at a later time, so be sure to keep an open eye on our website.


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