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Mensagem  Vulkanu em 2/2/2012, 17:21

One of the most asked questions in the last weeks were about the upcoming beta phases for TERA. Today we want to share our plan for all upcoming beta sessions with you, so be sure to check out our complete list:

CBT1 17.02.2012 19.02.2012
CBT2 02.03.2012 04.03.2012
CBT3 16.03.2012 18.03.2012
CBT4 30.03.2012 01.04.2012
CBT5 13.04.2012 15.04.2012
Character wipe
OBT 19.04.2012 24.04.2012
Character wipe
PCC 26.04.2012 27.04.2012
Head Start 28.04.2012 02.05.2012
Launch 03.05.2012

Please note that dates and details are subject to changes.

CBT = Closed Beta Test
OBT = Open Beta Test – Available for everyone
PCC = Pre Character Creation & Name reservation for pre-order customers
Head Start = only for pre-order customers / If you pre-order TERA, you’ll be able to create a character and reserve your favorite name in advance and you’ll also be able to enter the servers before the actual launch date.

All tests will be held without any active NDA (Non disclosure agreement).

Some of you have already received an email containing the information that you’ve been selected to the beta. However, many of you will still have the chance to receive a beta key in the upcoming weeks. Besides our beta sign up form, you can also preorder TERA in our online shop and receive access to all upcoming beta phases of TERA. Aside from that, we also run regular contests and giveaways where you’ll also be able to get your hands on a key.

Please note that some keys will grant an access for all beta phases, while other keys are just for just one specific test phase. For that reason, when you get a key or invitation, be sure to check the email text completely. All our previous testers who joined the test sessions of 2011 in Europe will also receive an access to all listed beta sessions automatically.

Additionally, we want to point out again that there will be no NDA for the above listed tests. This means that you are free to share your feedback, videos and screenshots with everyone or even write about the game on your guild page or fansite.

With all that said, we hope you’ll have a lot of fun with testing out TERA and we hope to see you all soon on our test servers!


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