PVP System

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PVP System

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 6/2/2012, 10:53

Now BHS/EME will be overhauling the system. The PVP deceleration rule will be scraped for PVP servers, (I don't know about PVE servers yet) and in it's place a new system.

There will be 2 ways to PVP, now in TERA.

Guild vs. Guild
This method is for large groups or guilds, who want to start a war on the server. To start a war you will need to use a item called "Bahar's War Declaration" (costs 3 million gold at the shop), and if your group/guild gets scared and wants to surrender you will need to buy an item called "Kaia's Intervention" (costs 300k gold at the shop). You can declare war up to as many as 3 groups/guilds at once, and there is a 24 hr cooldown to declare war on the same group/guild again.

Once the item is used to declare war a window will pop up and you can type in the enemy group/guild's name, after this you have 15 seconds after which a server wide message will appear stating which groups/guilds are at war. The war will last 24 hrs or until the winning group/guild gets 2000 points. Killing an enemy player will result in 1 point. Killing an enemy leader/guild leader will result in 20 points. Once a winning group/guild wins, another sever wide message will state it's outcome. The winning group/guild will get xp, loot and pvp tokens for pvp gear.

Safe places during the war will be towns, villages, camps, and instance entrances/and inside.

The other way to PVP will be

Becoming a Outlaw/Criminal of the Federation
This method is perfect for the solo player who wants to pvp. There will be a special quest line one player can do to obtain an item to declare themselves an outlaw/criminal. Once a player declares themselves a criminal, player can attack anyone or be attacked by anyone. You get xp, loot and pvp tokens for killing. The more notorious of a criminal you become the more xp, loot, pvp tokens you will get. But it comes at a price, the more notorious you become the more of a debuff you will receive.

It comes with a point system, every person you kill you get 1 point. The more points you collect the greater rewards, but also the greater debuff.

The debuffs are:
1-100 points
You get a minor debuff
• Your stamina depletes much faster
• The chance of crystals breaking go up by 2x
• You are unable to benefit from rest xp

100-1000 points
You get a major debuff
• Your Stamina depletes even faster
• The chance of crystals breaking go up by 3x
• You attack power is decreased by 50%
• Your movement speed goes down 15%
• Unable to benefit from rest xp.
• Unable to use mounts,teleporters or the pegasus.

1000 points +
You get a massive debuff
• Your stamina depletes to 0 very fast.
• The chance of crystals breaking go up by 5x
• Your attack power is decreased by 90%
• Your defense is decreased by 75%
• Your movement speed is decreased by 30%
• Unable to benifit from rest xp
• Unable to use mounts, teleporters or the pegasus.
By default your points will automatically decrease by 1 every 5 mins. Killing mobs/Bams will also decrease your points as well.

This system is currently being tested on the Korean servers, and hopefully will be applied to the NA/EU servers. There have been some negative feedback.

GU/GU negative feedback
Leaders of groups or guild get ganked non-stop. Even if a leader goes on a ALT, he/she can still get ganked and the other player receive the points. A hated leader on the server has nowhere to go.

Criminal/Outlaw negative feedback
In order to finish the quest line you need to be at or near endgame, this is especially hard if your a solo player. This system will force PVP players to PVE till endgame till they can get their outlaw certificate.

Another negative feedback is to really pvp non-stop your forced to pve mobs to reduce your debuff points.
BHS/EME can change or tweek this PVP system before it goes live, but this is gonna be the basics of what PVP will be in TERA on a PVP server.


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