PVP System (part2)

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PVP System (part2)

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 6/2/2012, 11:27

Items needed to pk someone:

It cost 10 rings*rings = English translation of the item name in Korean* to open pk against a player of equal or near level, cost more items if the player is more than 2-3 levels than you(2-3 lower in level will cost 20, and the lower the level the most it costs)

The items in which you need 10 of, cost 1.5k each so 15k to pk someone, by the time you reach level 50, just from grinding to the level you will around 20-30mil just from the grind/quests/bosses. A scroll to wrap back to town costs 10.5k, Monsters at level 47 drop around 5-6k gold each. I always carry around 200 of these items on me at any given time(300k = 50~ monster kills so yeah. meh)

Areas/level req:

Level 38+ can leave the second noob zone and enter the pk zone.
To compare to.. Aion... It is like finally being able to go into the abyss/herion/Morhiem. Everything before this zone can be considered Poeta/verteron/theo/brusttanin etc etc etc etc. Most zones of the areas before you can PK are level 38 and below monsters. Most as in not all. There is a high level zone in the non pk area. It is almost a nonfactor at the moment, but can grow to be the same thing as No rifts to Theo/brusutusitianins.

Capital cities are 100% no pk.
Towns(Main quest hubs that you fly to from main cities) are no pk.
Outposts(The places the Main quest hubs(Towns) send you to scattered across the fields, you can use flight paths/teleports to teleport directly to these after discovery) are sadly.. sadly... also NO PK.
[People will be able to run to quest hubs and be safe from the chase, they are scattered across the areas but a 1-2 min fight can lead into a run back to town]
Everything other than instanced zones seem to be fair game.

How to PK
Another sad part.
You have to actually press ESC to bring out your mouse, click on the player and click the PK menu(You can be "too far from target" if the player is moving)
This is by far the worse feature of the PK system, I would guess in the future due to the feedback there will be a /pk <name> command.

I had to caps that because someone without logic will cry about this. There is a timer from when you click PK to when you will actually be able to attack the player. The player being PK'd can not see this time, they, and anyone else in the area will see "Naruto has declared PK against BLANK"
Logic: The idea of the 5 sec time to react, is not a bad one if you use logic and understand the gameplay. To futher explain. A system like that from Linage2 where you "Hold ctrl and are able to attack anyone instantly" Will not work in tera.
This would cause the game to be broken because a number of classes have "charge up abilities", A Berserker for example, can come behind a player fully charged and instant go into "PK MODE" and can deal high amount of damage + knockdown. A sorc can throw a slow moving high damage skill and being to cast a high damage aoe and instantly deal a huge amount of damage to a player.-- So please. Don't be retarded, the 5 second reaction time seems almost necessary for a decently fair PK system to operate.

Who gets PK'd?

• Player1 is killing monsters. -> Player2 starts pk on Player1. -> Player1 and Player2 can fight each other.

• Player1 is killing monsters solo. Player2 is killing monsters solo. -> Player3 starts pk on Player1. -> Player1 can fight Player3.
To explain in more detail, there is no "Flag" system, Think about this as forced duels, more so than Open world FFA. If you open PK against someone, only the person/s you open PK against can attack you, even if you kill one/two/three/106 of them, only they can attack you. Others can open PK against you while you are PKing others to be able to attack you.

• Player1 and Player2 are in a party, sitting in a tree KISSING. -> Player3 starts pk on Player1. - Player1 and Player2 can fight against Player3.
If you start PK on a group, everyone in that group can attack you

• Player1 and Player2 are in a party. Player3, Player4, and Player5 are ganking. -> Player3 declares PK on Player. -> Player3/4/5 can attack Player1/2.
If you are in a group, and you declare on a player, everyone in your group can fight that player(and his group if he has one) And this will cost Player3 a total of 10*rings*pk items This means 15k can buy you potentially a 5v5 pk war.

• Player1 is solo. Player2 is solo. Player3 declares on Player1. Player1 is a scrub and cant fight his own battles, and while running types "/invite Player2". Player2 is now instantly flagged to fight Player3.
You CAN be invited to group post-facto, and be instantly flagged into PK. You are not limited to only fighting ___, you can constantly force declares on other people.

• Player1 and Player2 are solo leveling and are both in Guild1. Player3/4/5 are in Guild2. Player3/4/5 declare on Player1. Player2 will not be able to attack unless invited to group or declaring pk on Player3/4/or 5.
So far with testing, Guilds do not get fully declared during fights.

• Parties with different levels fighting parties with with different levels.
Party1 has 3 level 50s and a level 40. Party2 has 3 level 40s and a level 45.
Party1 gets the level 40 to declare on Party2. This will bypass the extra amount of pk items*rings* needed to pk lower levels. So 3 50s can fight 3 40s and a 45 for the cost of 15k/ aka 10 items*rings*.

• Party1 is flagged and fighting Party2. Party3 sees their buddies in Party2 getting attacked. They are able to flag on Party1 even during Party1's fight against Party2.
So now Party1 is fighting Both Party2 and Party3.
During this fight, Party1 can also declare on more people, if they found the need to.
You are free to declare PK on people already pking/getting pk'd already/jacking off in a corner. Everyone can be killed.

That are the major points..
For MISC stuff, (I am probably missing somethings, and if I remember, I'll just add them)
You must remain out of combat(You can not attack/or be attacked) for around ~15seconds to successfully get out of combat. Out of combat, your Movement speed is increased, you can use potions to recover your Condition or increase movement speed. And you can get on your mount.

If you kill someone, you are not instantly removed from the "PK state", The player you killed has around 1min~ to return and attack/get attacked by you, before you are removed from the "PK state".
This means group PK session near a town, where players can constantly respawn and run back into combat, can last a long time, until either they are all wiped for a period of 1min~ and not attacking, or they go and sit inside of the town, which is a no PK zone, Where again.. you will not be able to attack thus removing the PK state after the 1min~ timer of inactivity.

Groups/solo/anyone can pk anyone. Whether they are currently pking or not.

This is how it currently is as of 01/28/2011, The korean devs are constantly changing the game to better balance and polish the game over the last 3 weeks. These systems are subject to change at anytime, and I will try to update them with any information I can get.


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