kTERA T4 Update: The Queen of Argon

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kTERA T4 Update: The Queen of Argon

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 13/2/2012, 00:12

New level cap, zones and content

Level cap increase
- from 58 to 60

At war with the Argon
- Full-scale war between the Valkyon Federation and the Argon
- New storyline is centered around Hasmina (she's the Castanic protagonist of the 2009 G*Star trailer)
- The Queen of Argon emerges

New Zones
- in Northern Shara following new zones will be added: Val Tirkai, Helkan District, Val Kaeli
- in Southern Shara following new zone will be added: Veritas District (this zone won't be connected to the new storyline)

New Instances
- Balder's Temple: a vibrant colored temple complex
- The Abandoned Chruch: a desolate and dark place
- both instances will feature hard mode

New Boss monster types
- Capricorn: a huge, black winged goat headed humanoid
- Kakun: imagine a Kumas crossed with a baboon
- Artifact Guard: 4 legged mechanical monsters

New lvl60 Skills

Warrior Stack System
- new Stack System introduced for Warrirors
- works similar to WOW's 'Combo Point System'
- depending on the stacked points (will be shown under the enemy HP bar) additional finishing moves can be executed with various effects


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