kTERA T4 Update: The Queen of Argon (part 2)

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kTERA T4 Update: The Queen of Argon (part 2)

Mensagem  Vulkanu em 13/2/2012, 00:29

Daily Quests, Accessories and Mounts

Reputation/Daily Quests
- Daily Quests can be performed once per day (figures...)
- Quests are marked with a green exclamation mark
- collected points can be exchanged for various goods: equipments, green crystals

Daily Quests marked with a green exclamation mark

New armors and Accessories
- new tier 12 and tier 13 items
- soulbound items
- accessories are craftable

new looks

Green Crystals
- obtainable by exchanging your daily quest points
- can be only used in earrings and rings that will now have 1 crystal slot (+4 crystal slots alltogether)

Green Crystals can only be used with earrings and rings

New Mounts
- can be also exchanged for daily quest points

Additional accessory items: Masks
- daily quests again, special monster masks

Kumas Mask

Large-scale PVE content: Black Crevice

Black Crevice?
- seamless, large-scale PVE world
- crevice appears at regular intervals
- several measures need to be taken to close the crevice
- automatically assigned quests to earn points
- points can be exchanged for a variety of items

Close the Crevice at all costs

Automatic Party Matching
- about 20 players needed to close the crevice
- to avoid the hussle of gathering members the system automatically puts the party together
- Black Crevice quest automatically assigned to players

Public Quests
- if more people participate better rewards can be gained

Obtainable Black Crevice Items
- equipment enchanting items
- tier 13 items
- PvP equipment
- Ancient Warhorse

Revamping the existing system

Ingame Currency Changes
- introducing gold, silver and bronze coins
- automatic conversion, currently 10.000 coins are worth 1 gold

Gold, Silver and Bronze coins

Auction House Changes
- smart search function
- new item registration limit is 50

Simplified Pegasus flight paths

Reorganized Crafting System
- additional crafting: Accessories

Leveling curve and Drop Rate tweaks
- higher instance drop rates
- lvl58 instance drop adjustments


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